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Mission Statement

The Student Period Movement aims to end the current stigma surrounding menstruation today, support menstruators in need, and to educate the upcoming generations on what menstruation truly is.


We believe that the change starts with students.


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Meet our team!

Our team is made up of students all over the world, from our home base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Sydney, Australia. We are a collaboration of youth community leaders, activists, and creators, working to achieve our mission.

Joanna Lin


Katie Lu

Social Director

Trish Le

Outreach Director

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State Engagement Director

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Finance Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I support The Student Period Movement?

You can show your support for our movement by donating menstrual products to SPM-run drives near you, following and interacting with us on our social media profiles, and spreading the word about our cause. Your support is essential to our mission, and we are eternally grateful for it!

How do I join The Student Period Movement?

We are always looking for new student representatives to run donation drives with us in their schools and communities. Click here to see how you can represent us in your local community. If you are interested in positions on our social, outreach, finance, and state-engagement teams, check our website and our Instagram to see if applications are open for those positions. We are currently open: Here

Where are your current donation boxes?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have paused all of over donation drives. We hope to resume them once schools in Pennsylvania have opened again.

What are the next projects?

Our future projects will be focused on making a change in education and legislation. We will be working to reform menstruation education for the new generation, and we will begin a campaign for lawmakers to repeal the “Pink Tax” and provide free menstrual products in school bathrooms.

Current Projects

Addressing Period Poverty

An unfortunate reality for many homeless menstruators.

To combat period poverty, we are sponsoring various box drives for tampons, pads, and other menstrual products in many of our local schools and businesses. Currently, we are running drives at Germantown Friends School, Springside Chestnut Hill, Wissahickon High School, Upper Dublin High School, and many others in our area.
We aim to raise awareness on the issue and to hopefully bring a fundamental change in policy, as 31 states still tax menstrual products as luxuries.

Early Menstrual Education

Changing the period education system and origin of the menstrual taboo

In order to combat the taboo surrounding menstruation, we aim to create a more detailed and inclusive menstrual education system, starting from in 5th grade, where oftentimes, girls are taught the concept of menstruation in secret.
The significant lack of period education accounts for the taboo, which can often also be a result of the secrecy and privacy around menstruation starting from a young age.
Our goal is to normalize menstruation and to end the shame surrounding periods, and we can achieve this by going back to the root of the problem: reforming the education children receive at a young age. As students, we believe that it is our duty to start the change with us.

Project Interviews, Seminars, and Programs

Recognizing menstrual equity changemakers